Elegant portrait

This lovely painting came to us from a local woman who has had this portrait in her family for generations. The painting itself is beautiful, but it needed some serious attention, and it was a very delicate, if not fragile, painting to work with. Among other issues, paint was chipping, and there was a strong layer of grim that was hard to get through and remove from the painting surface. It always takes testing and patience to safely find the right way to work on a painting like this one, and Lisa did an amazing job with this elegant portrait. The final result was stunning.

Elegant painting before restoration
Before restoration


Elegant painting midway cleaning
Mid-way in the cleaning process


Elegant portrait painting fully restored and framed
Final restoration of painting back in it’s frame.


Painting ready for in-painting

Painting Restoration on easel ready for in-painting


Here are some close-up detail photos to show just how much damage this painting had.






And again, the final restoration completed.

Elegant portrait painting fully restored and framed