This very cool photo was sent to us from someone who has had it for many years. It was originally thought to be a tin type. That said, when I got it in our studio I saw that it was not a tin type, but at first inspection I didn’t know what it was.

The photo was framed in a metal round frame, with a ribbon eyelet. We scanned it right away because the rips were fast becoming a serious problem all by itself. We restored the photo as we usually do, and when the final print was made, we had permission to try to remove the photo from the frame to see what it was and how it was all put together.

What we found was interesting. The round frame came off with some work, but the photo itself was mounted to a metal button, like the buttons used in elections. I’m not sure how this was done without ruining the edges of the photo other than to say it was done when the photo was wet. But I’m not sure. Either way, this was something I have never seen before.

Either way, the final print was stunning, and it will be framed in a new frame.


Photo as it came to us.


Scan before restoration


Final Print


Final print framed


Here are pics of the photograph removed from the frame showing that it is like a button on metal, front and back. Interesting!