How can I get my painting or photograph to you for cleaning or restoration?

If you have a painting, or a photograph, that is in need of restoration, start by Clicking HERE

Can I ship a piece to you?
Yes, we have several customers who ship to us regularly. If you are further away and want to ship, and need some suggestions on packaging, boxes etc., see our Shipping Page Here.

Can you work within my budget?

We can always do something within your budget to help preserve or benefit your art. We do work on valuable pieces of historical importance, but we also work on paintings that a family member or friend painted. We understand that not everyone is restoring a museum piece and will gladly work with you to give you what you need in a price that makes sense.

Do you clean and repair frames?

Yes, we often clean and repair older frames that have pieces missing, or damage.

Can you fix flaking paint?

Yes, this is what we specialize in. Sometimes a whole section of a painting is missing, and we restore paintings like this often and we have examples in our Art Restoration section for you to see.

How do I know if my painting needs cleaning?

If you are asking, you probably have a sense that it is needed. But here are some guidelines: If your painting is older or has been in a smokers home, over a fire place, or near an active kitchen, you’ll see signs of discoloration or grime, or yellowing. This is common and a good time to think about cleaning. Your painting will definitely look better and be preserved by a cleaning. The sooner the better, waiting can lead to more restoration and cost.

Do you restore works on paper, like watercolors or old drawings?

It depends. We do work on paper pieces, but we definitely need to see it in person. We do dry restoration on paper, which works well with some pieces and not with others.

Can you enlarge my old smaller photos?

Yes, we have had amazing results enlarging old photos, even when they are very small. We’ll need to see the photo, and from there we can tell just how much enlarging we can do. Usually the results are amazing with the tools we use today.

Do you do appraisals? Antique and historical

No, we do not appraise art work because this is a specialty that antique dealers and art appraisers should perform for your insurance company.

Can you help with Insurance claims?

Yes we handle insurance claims often. This is different from art appraisal. In this case we are giving an estimate of the cost of restoring your piece. Call us or write for details. Don’t delay if you have had smoke or water damage, as time is of the essence in preventing further damage to your piece.

Others Questions?
If you have any other questions please call or write and we will answer them as soon as possible.