This valuable pre 1900’s oil painting has an interesting story. A couple, who had paintings restored by us before, were looking to buy this Hunting painting at auction. They sent a photo of the painting before the auction ended, and then called asking if we could restore it.

It’s hard to answer a question like this just from a photo, but we encouraged them to purchase it if they loved it, and from what we could see, we believed we could restore it.

They won the auction bid and purchased the panting, and soon after brought it to us. Of course, as things so often go, the painting was in worse shape than the photos revealed, and therefore be a more extensive repair than we first thought.

As you can see from the detail photos, it had a lot of damage. Paint and varnish was peeling and chipped, and there were other problems and weak areas in the canvas. The painting had also already been worked on by others as we discovered under UV light.

We relined the painting with new canvas, thoroughly cleaned it, did extensive but necessary in-painting, and even worked on the frame.

It was a slow and detailed restoration, but in the end it came out wonderful. Our clients loved the outcome, and this beautiful painting is now proudly displayed as a centerpiece in their home.


Painting before restoration.


Details of damage.






The painting under UV light shows previous restoration. The dark lines show where in-painting was done by former restorer.


Painting and canvas restored before framing.


The final restoration finished and framed