Many people are moving to Wilmington, Southport, and St James Plantation, NC and in the process paintings and art pieces sometimes get damaged.

We often fix paintings or frames that got damaged by movers. We repair the rips, or tears in the canvas and sometimes the broken off or missing pieces of the frame.
We also receive a lot of paintings or family photographs that are damaged by smoke or furnace puff backs or in some cases mold due to a plumbing problem or flooding. In any of these cases you need to take care of it ASAP, because the more time you take, the more damage will occur to the artwork. See an example of water damage Here

We work with home owners and insurance companies, and help with timely estimates and customer claims.  

Here below are some examples of damage to frames and painting that we have repaired.

Damaged Frame Detail Before

Restored frame with painting

Burl frame in need of restoration

Burl frame after restoration