Wedding Photograph Restored

This beautiful 16 x 20 photograph came to us recently and it really needed some help, as you can see. It had turned yellow, and had some pretty bad water damage. It was also mounted on a board that was very brittle, and it could not be flattened at all or it would crack into more pieces. As it was we had to tape some loose pieces together just to do the high resolution photograph for the restoration.

This one took some serious attention, but the results were worth the effort. In this case leaving some of the old characteristics and irregularities of the original photograph was desirable, to us and the customer. While a lot of detail had to be repaired, a minimalist approach was used for the final look. We don’t like an “airbrush” look for photo restoration. It has to look natural. Take a look at the before and after photos below.


Wedding Photo Restoration Before
Before restoration.


Weddig Photo Restoration After
After restoration.