This painting came to us with a previous restoration. Unfortunately the restoration was done improperly with small canvas patches glued on the back (with animal hide glue) to repair rips in the canvas. Glue is not a good thing and causes problems for future restorations.


Painting Before Restoration by Lisa Strazza
Painting before restoration


Canvas back showing the glued areas after we removed the canvas patches. The glue unfortunately went straight through to the paint and could not be removed.


Relined Canvas Back
Back of canvas after relining.


Showing damage on the front of the painting.


Durring Restoration
Showing damage on front of painting. Note the hair wing on upper right, which was painted in to hide the first restoration. It came off with proper cleaning, and we restored it back to the original artist intent.


Tear detail.


Painting on easel.


Painting near completion.


Oil Portrait Restored by Lisa Strazza
Painting fully restored and framed in original frame.